5 Pet Influencers to Follow on Instagram

It’s time to talk about our four-legged pet influencers, the animals that easily grab the attention of new followers. We’ve talked about food influencers and artist influencers, now let’s cuddle up with our pet influencers. They are adorable and manage to bring a smile to most everyone’s face. They also provide a much-needed break sometimes from our normal feeds. While some of them might have enough skill to blog, let’s focus on their abilities to run an Instagram account.


This Girl is a Squirrel

Reminds me of a orphaned squirrel my mom tried to rescue and named Mr. Squirrel. Don’t worry about Mr. Squirrel’s fate with the word ‘tried’, he’s still running around in the backyard with his buddies. On to our highlighted squirrel, how can you not love this little gal rescued from a hurricane? She’s adorable and super photogenic.


Lil Bunny Sue Roux

This cat was born in New Orleans without her front two legs but doesn’t let that stop her from being adorable. She’s referred to as a bunny, a cat, a kangaroo and a t-rex. Mainly, she’s a superstar. I’d like to see her hanging out with Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, I think they’d be great pals.


La Corgi

Athlete, model and food enthusiast. While you may doubt the athletic claim from a little guy like this, he’s got more energy (and talent) than most humans on a good day! Plus, your smile after looking at these photos will be contagious.


Pumpkin the Raccoon

A rescued Bahamian raccoon with over 1M followers. I keep using the word adorable so we’ll label her as darling. Her adventures with Oreo and Toffee is bound to make you happy.


Juniper the Fox

How could you not fall in love with that face? Follow along for more adorable faces from this rescued fox. Be sure to check out the blog here for information on foxes in their FAQ section. You should do this before googling how much it cost to own one (as well as other naturally wild animals).

You might be wondering how pet influencers can help with your brand? If your audience is a pet loving audience or your brand sells products for pets then they would make a great fit. They can either work as brand ambassadors or even help create content for you! If you need help creating content that will reach pet owners, hit us up, we’d love to take a paws and chat.

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