25 Male Influencers To Check Out

Our social media agency noticed that when influencer marketing first started, there weren’t many male influencers. Times have changed, and there’s no shortage of social channels to go to if you’re looking for a male opinion. Or if you’re just looking for some great content to consume. A handful of years back we gave you 100 women bloggers to check out, now let’s see how many men bloggers (now referred to as influencers as they don’t always have a blog) we can find!


Looking for some travel destination tips? Check out JD Andrew’s social channels to explore along with him and possibly plan some trips for yourself!

JD Andrews

Be right back, planning a trip to Norway.

Sug Sean

With a little bit of everything on his blog, Shawn definitely has style. Check out the video campaign he was a part of by clicking on the video below.

Sug Sean

Whose style did you like best?

Eat the Love

He’s an award-winning photographer, recipe blogger and cookbook author of ‘Marbled, Swirled & Layered’. If you hop over to his Instagram just to scroll through the photos, I recommend having a full stomach as it will definitely make you hungry!


BRB – Going to raid the pantry

Scott Eddy

Former stockbroker on Wall Street turned traveler. As of this post, he’s visited 21 countries so if you’re looking for a place to go (or an influencer to work with your brand on traveling) check out his blog.

Scott eddy

Who wants to live in a colorful neighborhood like this? Me!

The Cheapest Destination Blog

Traveling on a budget? With 22 years of experience, Tim is the guy to tell you where the world’s cheapest places to travel are with advice on budgets and saving strategies.

Cheapest Destination

Train trip in Alaska? Yes, please.

The Gentleman Racer

With a little bit of everything featured on his blog; cars, motorcycles and racing is what I’d recommend. There are some great photos over on his Instagram feed if you just want to drool over cars and trucks.

gentleman racer

Need this Bronco in my life.

Life, Tailored

How to live a first class lifestyle regardless of your budget is Andrew’s lesson that he’d like to teach through social. He shares style guides, travel guides and flight hacking over on his blog.

Life Tailored

I need to visit this food truck in Brooklyn

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Chili Pepper Madness

Enjoy hot spicy food? Look no further than the chilihead Mike who has a blog packed full of spicy recipes as well as some teachings of different types of chili peppers.

chili pepper madness

Minus spice for this gal please

2 Travel Dads

A traveling and parenting blog dedicated to sharing experiences and advice for traveling the world, with or without kids.


Pupukea Sunset and now I want to go here

Inspired by Charm

A lifestyle influencer that provides easy decorating, entertaining inspiration and unique DIY projects Michael wants to help everyone to live a happy, colorful life. He’s also got some great recipes!

Inspired by Charm

Not only do I want to make this wooden tray, I want those mugs.

Tomas Laurinavicius

A traveling lifestyle influencer from Lithuania, he writes about his habits and lifestyle designs. He travels the world with a mission to empower one million people to change lifestyles for good.


Would you stand out on this glass platform? I’m going to say no, for me.

The Moose is Loose

Dai’s goal is to empower others to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life via education, encouragement and community. Head over to his blog if you’re looking for a healthier version or you, or just looking to stay healthy.

moose on the loose

Can looking at these photos count as my work out?

Igee Okafor

With a great sense of fashion, Igee wants to give people a sense of variety and identity as it pertains to lifestyle and fashion by sharing his perspective.


Digging this statement suit!

Southern Bite

With a mission to get people back to the table for dinner, Stacey shares with his readers recipes with a southern flair.

southern bite

If it includes bacon, count me in!

Billy Parisi

He’s a chef, producer, food & content creator and that’s just the beginning of the list for Billy who shares beautiful photos of his recipes on his blog.

Billy Parisi

Fun Fact: Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite things

Diego Downtown

After spending seven years helping open new stores for big name brands, he switched is focus to blogging to fill a void he saw in the market – a place for men to find fashion and lifestyle inspiration that felt as eclectic, curate and hometown creative as the community he lives in.

Diego Downtown

All the colors!

Christian Bendek

Launching his blog in 2013, Christian documents his day-to-day living between New York and the Caribbean. You can find fashion, his favorite places to eat and drink as well as destinations to travel throughout the world.

christian bendek

Sharing fashion from Milano Centrale

The Graffiti Dog

Bernard is an advocate for deaf dogs and uses his past experience as a veterinary technician to help educate others and raise awareness about their existence, needs and capabilities.

graffiti dog

Look at this cute face!

Fox Valley Foodie

Promoting and developing carefully crafted homemade recipes that are easy to understand and full of flavor, you are bound to find something you like on Benjamin’s blog.

Fox Foodie

Maybe next breakfast day at work I should make these?

I Failed Fran

Not sure who Fran is, but Chris is a CrossFit blogger so if it’s fitness you are looking for in your life check out his blog for some tips and workout routines.

I failed Fran

These are called L-sits and a great way to work out your core. I could maybe do one.

Levitate Style

A traveler and fashion influencer, Leo is based out of NYC. He’s created content for GQ, Hugo Boss and more; then there’s the fact there’s been to over 40 countries and that includes a 121-night world cruise!

Levitate style

Fun Fact: Ignite went here on one of our Mystery Trips!

Gear Live

Want to stay up to date on the latest tech and gadgets? Check out Gear Live which brings updates, reviews and high definition videos to help you with those purchasing decisions.

gear live

Think the S9 lasted 30 minutes in the Frappuccino? Click the pic to find out.

Social Thrills

Local to Southern California, Robbie’s mission is to provide locals & visitors with news, info and tips about the entertainment industry. Launched in 2006, it mainly reported on theme parks in Southern California but has since expanded.

Social Thrills

Who is with me on getting this donut? Maybe not riding the tea cups right after though.


Looking for the latest in greatest in tech? Want a chance to win some of the newest tech items out there? Head on over to TweakTown.


Fun Fact: We have lots of nerf wars in our office, maybe I need this


For those looking for the more luxury things in life, Adrian has you covered. His blog engages the finest connoisseurs with content that speaks to their passion. Whether it’s traveling, jets and yachts, luxury homes or products, he’s probably reviewed it.


My exact breakfast and view every morning

There you have it, twenty-five male influencers. There is a whole wild world of influencers out there and depending on what you’re looking for, hopefully this helped spark some interest.

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