Social Media Puns to Annoy Your Coworkers With

I was told I need to write this blog post by my fellow coworkers who insisted I “just need to get it out of [my] system”. Apparently, this is supposed to quell my need to make puns in meetings, and the hallway, and the kitchen, and the… Maybe it is a problem. Derek and Kaity, the only employees who really punderstand me, helped to brainstorm this series of social media puns & related jokes. I’m not sure this post will totally cure me, but we came out with some very Pinteresting jokes that might help you extract some groans or eyerolls from your officemates.

Social Media Puns

Social Media Puns: Ordered from Bad to Worse

  • I ran into a stop sign at night; couldn’t see it because of the dark post.
  • Health food grocery store doesn’t like to boost content, they rely on organic reach.
  • During the holiday season I became a heavy GIF giver. (This one only works if you pronounce it CORRECTLY)
  • Did you hear about the blogger who stole my computer? He finally got RSS-ted.
  • Wanted to follow the local fence company, but they didn’t have enough posts.
  • Why do I follow breweries on Instagram? For the Double-Tap.
  • I went to a cooking Facebook page to check out its Thymeline.
  • Golden rule of social media, “Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted”.
  • Want a talk show host in a jiffy? Contact InstaGrahamNorton.
  • Having a breakfast sale, but I need a “hash” tag.
  • Ever since selfies became a social trend, my feed has been nothing but ‘meme, myself, and I.
  • We’re going to be OOO next week because we’re going on a company-wide retweet.
  • If Twitter was relocated to San Diego, would it be considered SoCal Media?
  • Trying to find the best sedimentary rocks? Try a Geodefilter.
  • Went to my favorite hardware store’s Facebook page because I heard they have a lot of fans.
  • Working on a social listening report today, it’s just like any other lurkday.
  • Marketers favorite drink? Brand-y.
  • What goes best on a link post salad? Addressing.
  • As part of a promotion, we set up two of our Facebook fans on a blind date. The program was a failure because they didn’t click.
  • We promoted a Facebook live video of a gym class. We bid on See-P.E.
  • Unlike Twitter, social media contains unlimited characters.
  • I wanted my pictures of the beef jerky factory to disappear in a day, so I Snapped into a Slim Jim.
  • I told my mother my wife was pregnant. That was the moment she became an Instagram.
  • What do you call a sad gangster? An Emo-G.
  • I saw my Facebook rep was driving with brightly colored wheels, I thought they were creative hubcaps.

If you made it this far, I’m sorry.

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