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Why Holiday Content Should Be Part of Your Brand’s Content Mix

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Ahhh, holidays. What’s not to love? A reason to indulge (or over-indulge) in some of your favorite treats, a few days off work to see family and friends, time to just siiiiiit baaaaack and reeeeelax… or frantically run around trying to do all the things!

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People Love Holidays

With 197 holidays in the United States (Seriously, I looked it up), it may not be easy to pick a favorite. I’m sure most of you go straight for the big holidays – New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. – but there are others out there who choose to #CelebrateEveryDay! (I don’t even wanna know how many “National Day of…” there actually are.) Whatever your “Holiday of Choice,” just be sure your Social Strategist is working from the same calendar, because people love holidays.

It’s the one time of year (or 197 times of year) when people are out there, scrolling their news feeds, actively looking for brands to tell them what to do. What to buy. Where to go. What to cook for dinner. Help! I can’t make a decision on my own!


Give the People What They Want

So don’t leave your fans in a lurch. Take advantage of this “Season of High Engagement” and give the people what they want! They want ideas and tutorials, inspiration for their shopping lists, and (most of all) special promotions and discounts for your products. It may sound simple, but playing into the seasonality of people’s social tendencies will pay big dividends in the long run.

Make Sure You Plan Ahead

However, don’t confuse simplicity with ease. Creating the perfect post that will make someone “double-tap that” isn’t as easy as it sounds. Set yourself up for success by starting off with a strong Holiday Social Calendar, then fill it out with unique and inventive content. Of course, your calendar should pay homage to the big holidays, but don’t forget about those lesser-known days that may be a fit for your brand. Are you a coffee brand? Yeah. You’d better be celebrating #NationalCoffeeDay!

Really, sky’s the limit when it comes to your social holiday content. Get creative with it and don’t forget to plan ahead.

Happy Social-mas-day! Can I create a new holiday? Good, because I just did.

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