New: You Can Now Resign as Mayor on Foursquare

The hot location-based social network/game site Foursquare has made a somewhat significant change to the rules. It seems that you can now resign as mayor of any destination on Foursquare.

While this may save some potential embarrassment for folks who realize their fondness for a particular location is awkward, it could also lead to minor challenges for businesses offering the Mayor deals. If the Mayor can resign easily, new Mayors can sweep in much more quickly and potentially grab more nice offers.

Here’s how you resign as mayor on Foursquare.

Note how each of your mayorships now has a small X after it.

resign mayor foursquare

Simply click it and you’ll get this message:

mayor resign foursquare box

I think the immediate implication for this is that I’m going to force that pesky guy at Ignite Social Media who owns our mayorship to resign it tomorrow. I want it back!

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