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What You Need to Know Before Running Ads in Facebook Stories

Advertisers can now tap into Facebook Stories’ 150 million daily active users, with the launch of new ads in Stories this quarter. Before you start adding Stories to your paid social strategy, here’s what you need to know about this new placement.

Facebook Stories

Limited Objectives

Not all ad objectives support Facebook Stories. This placement is currently available on reach, video views, conversions, app installs, traffic, and lead generation objectives. Facebook may offer Stories to additional objectives in the future, but for now, the placement is limited to particular objectives.

Dual Placement Only

Facebook Stories is currently not available as a standalone placement, so these ads must be paired with Instagram Stories and/or Facebook News Feed. Since Facebook will automatically make your creative fit each placement, there’s no need to develop unique creative for Stories and News Feed. Facebook may offer Stories as a standalone placement in the future, but until they do, keep in mind that your ad must run on multiple platforms.

Created in Ads Manager

Similar to Instagram, Story ads will appear between user Stories and must be created in Ads Manager, so an organic Story cannot be promoted. Stories can appear as single image or video and contain a call-to-action, depending on your ad objective. Since you’ll be building the Story, make sure you have everything you need, keeping in mind that objectives may have different ad requirements. Check out the Facebook ads guide for detailed specs on this placement.

Ignite Loves Good Stories

Stories are a great way reach an engaged audience on Facebook, but before you add this placement to your strategy, keep in mind there are some limitations. If you’re interested in learning more about Stories and how you can add this to your paid social strategy, contact us here.

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