Facebook Page Reddesign

What the Facebook Page Redesign Means for Businesses

Since the Cambridge Analytica news broke, Facebook has been making constant updates to their platform to earn back the trust of businesses and users. A recent Facebook page redesign and greater transparency around brand page activity is a step in the right direction.

Facebook Page Reddesign

Buttons for Stronger CTAs

While the new Facebook page redesign is geared towards local businesses, options for larger brands will be rolled out in the near future. Facebook will enable Pages to include a new set of featured action buttons that will appear on their mobile Facebook pages. These buttons will allow Page visitors to take actions such as booking an appointment, send a message, or write a recommendation. A Page’s available action buttons will relate to the Page template. Now is a good time to look at your page template to make sure it is optimized for your business.

Recommendations for Pages

Facebook is also adding Recommendations to Pages. These crowdsourced recommendations will substitute traditional reviews. When writing a recommendation, Facebook will prompt you with a minimum character count (at least 25 characters) and the ability to add photos and business-related tags. The tags will function like hashtags and will be generated from keywords based on past recommendations. Meeting these requirements will enable the review to be posted to the business’ Facebook page. The new Recommendations section will take up a good portion of a Page on mobile, displaying before actual Page posts. It is important that you monitor these recommendations and address any poor experiences, especially since they are now getting such prime real estate on your profile.

Transparency around Page Updates & Activity

Facebook is expanding its Info and Ads section to show additional details around Page activity and management. Moving forward, people will be able to see the primary country location of people who manage a Page, so users can match the purpose and the location of the people who manage it. This feature will begin rolling out on Pages with a large US audience. Additionally, Facebook will reveal page history details, including name changes or Page mergers with other accounts. Make sure your page details are up to date with the latest company and page manager information before the updates go into effect.

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