Top 50 Branded Facebook Pages Ranked by Fan Actions Per Post

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You know the old saying, “It’s not the size of your Facebook fan page, it’s how you use it?” There’s a lot of truth to that. For nearly 18 months, we’ve been tracking the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages purely by size.Expion logoNow, thanks to a partnership between Ignite Social Media and Expion, a social media management software with some unusually strong analytical abilities, we’re now able to analyze these pages based on a wide variety of criteria and we’ll be doing that over the next few months.For this post, we’re analyzing the level of engagement on these fan pages, including the average fan comments per post and the average fan likes per post. This is among the key metrics because fan actions increase newsfeed inclusions, thereby increasing the growth rate on the page.And if you can engage fans, particularly early on, you can avoid the “decay of relevancy” (to use a phrase coined by my friends at Expion). By identifying the most engaging posts, you can keep interaction high, which will improve the performance of your sales driven posts as well.The time period studied is June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011. This data has never before been available for public analysis like this.

Top 50 Branded Facebook Pages Ranked by Fan Actions Per Post

And now, here is the ranking of the 50 largest branded fan pages, ranked by total fan actions per post.
Rank in Size+/-BrandTotal FansTotal Fan Actions Avg Fan Comments Per Post Avg Fan Likes Per Post Avg Fan Actions Per Post
3837National Geographic6,211,060858,742270.035,652.335,922.36
1611Victoria’s Secret13,436,963401,335499.718,418.858,918.56
2316Dr. Pepper9,226,921314,4141,150.063,687.084,837.14
3625Walt Disney World6,560,409252,847802.142,862.303,664.45
4832Sony Ericsson4,879,950204,409575.142,949.163,524.29
8-9Red Bull19,410,093196,030638.046,363.047,001.07
3416Taco Bell6,734,823194,708611.702,804.233,415.93
18-1Monster Energy10,799,008193,823125.903,000.273,126.18
297Nike Football7,934,956147,010366.204,534.134,900.33
4318DC Shoes5,279,728110,072100.761,471.701,572.46
Rank in Size+/-BrandTotal FansTotal Fan Actions Avg Fan Comments Per Post Avg Fan Likes Per Post Avg Fan Actions Per Post
359Starbucks Frappuccino6,704,89685,855303.243,785.104,088.33
5022Buffalo Wild Wings4,743,82582,3701,254.052,668.333,922.38
27-3Disney Pixar8,658,44681,052602.008,403.789,005.78
9-22Converse All Stars18,525,59376,779210.422,988.713,199.13
24-9Victoria’s Secret Pink9,210,69765,456250.854,784.235,035.08
20-15adidas Originals10,079,95155,658169.364,890.465,059.82
446Mountain Dew5,262,45231,972221.121,659.591,880.71
15-31Windows Live Messenger13,535,9868,95589.251,030.131,119.38
39-8Google Chrome6,078,8155,433436.60650.001,086.60
4915 Gum4,777,9702,263390.001,873.002,263.00
17-32Ferrero Rocher11,224,484NASee Notes
47-3Playboy5,038,757NASee Notes

Most Fan Actions

When we look at total fan actions (meaning comments, likes and wall posts), National Geographic comes out on top. In fact, the top 5 are:
  • National Geographic: 858,742
  • Disney: 766,995
  • Facebook: 621,944
  • MTV: 475,474
  • Victoria’s Secret: 401,335
This is a little deceptive, since National Geographic was also the most frequent poster. (More on that in another post.)

Average Fan Comments Per Post

When you analyze the average fan comments per post, we get a somewhat different result:
  • Disney: 2,275.38
  • Coca-Cola: 2,155.07
  • Facebook: 2,152.12
  • Pringles: 2,002.00
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: 1,254.05
This is key, as Facebook’s EdgeRank values comments more than Likes in terms of determining what content gets shown in News Feeds, so brands that do a good job generating comments are really helping themselves.

Average Fan Likes Per Post

Two new brands get themselves into the mix when we analyze the average likes per post that the largest branded fan pages get from their fans:
  • Disney: 29,682.75
  • Facebook: 21,768.81
  • Coca-Cola: 14,697.33
  • BMW: 13,252.23
  • Starbucks: 10,928.00

Likes/Comments Ratio

Given this, we’re seeing an average likes to comments ratio of 8.43 likes for every comment given. (On these 48 pages, in one month, we’ve tracked over 7.6m likes and over 901,000 comments.) If fan page growth is a goal, a brand would want to keep the total fan actions number high while lowering the ratio of likes to comments. This would help increase newsfeed inclusions, thereby increasing fan growth rate.

The Best +/-

The +/- column compares the pages rank in terms of total fan actions versus it’s rank in terms of total fan size. So a positive number means you have a better ranking when we rank by fan actions and a negative number means you have a worse ranking when we rank by fan size. Looking at that metric, the top 5 pages in terms of improving over their size are:
  • National Geographic
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Walmart
  • Walt Disney World
  • Burberry

Some Notes on Methodology:

  1. Per Facebook Rules, Expion cannot pull pages from “private” pages, including those with an age restriction. Thus, the Playboy page that is in the Top 50 is not included in this analysis.
  2. The Ferrero Rocher page is not included since the made no posts since May 7, a questionable strategy for a page with 11.7m fans.
  3. Fan Actions include all comments, wall posts and likes.
  4. Geo-tagged posts, hidden posts/comments and moderated posts/comments are also not collected.