Red Bull: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #5

Continuing the series of 26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail, I have taken a closer look at Red Bull’s Facebook Fan Page. Upon first impression, Red Bull carries over its active lifestyle and thrill seeker attitude to its Facebook Fan Page, where tabs and ongoing updates are all about the athletes they sponsor and the extreme sports they each play.

Red Bull Default Landing Tab

As you can tell, the page has ported over to the new fan page design.  Prior to liking the page, there is a large graphical invitation that encourages the user to like the fan page.  With over 15 million fans, this particular call to action seems to be working.

After liking the page the default tab offers a prominent invitation to “Explore The World Of Red Bull At,” and to watch six of the latest Red Bull sponsored videos. It my opinion, it is a little strange that the largest call to action after becoming a fan is to visit the website, instead of continuing engagement with the brand on Facebook.

Red Bull Athletes Tab

The “Athletes” tab aggregates tweets from RedBull sponsored athletes and can be narrowed to view updates from athletes from a specific sport.  Although this tab brings content to Facebook, it provides links to visit the athlete’s website, official Facebook page, and link to follow the athlete on Twitter. Again, this user experience drives users once again off of Facebook, but in this case it drives users to several locations instead of just one.

Red Bull Games Tab

The “Games” tab is another custom tab that contains two main sections: the “Procrastination Station” and “Drunkish Dials”.  The “Procrastination Station” showcases six games that are launched in a new window instead of played within Facebook. These games accurately reflect the brand messaging but yet again the tab sends audiences to separate microsites for each game.

The “Drunkish Dials” section of the tab includes a collection of drunk messages that consumers have left on the brand’s toll free number. Red Bull uploads its favorites to this tab where others can listen and rate these messages. Some of these are actually quite humorous, and others are simply annoying. Either way, I’m happy to see that this adds fun on Facebook and reflects the carefree attitude of the brand.

Additional Tabs

The other two customized Facebook tabs are “Web TV,” which offers exclusive free round the clock video content like how to break dance, and “Careers,” an outdated job posting tab that has not been updated since 2009.  What is refreshing about these tabs compared to others is that they attempt to bring content to Facebook audiences.

Red Bull Content Strategy

As far as content frequency is concerned, RedBull is posting a few times a day every couple of days. This said, engagement from its audience is obviously lacking.

For engagement comparison purposes, we used Starbucks, since the two brands have comparable fan counts. Starbucks’ wall posts consist of a larger variety of content including videos, images, and links to specific pages on its web site, in addition to content about current events and occasions as they relate to the brand.

Red Bull’s posts are on the whole more about promoting Red Bull produced content, including promotional videos and athletes.  Although Red Bull boasts 14 million fans, the data above suggests that Red Bull should redefine its content strategy so that the page can continue to keep growing through increased newsfeed inclusions.

What are your thoughts on Red Bull’s presence on Facebook? Please share in the comments below.

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