What the New Facebook Offers Mean for Brands

Last week, Facebook took additional steps to help brands tie ROI to social. They did this by revamping and making Facebook Offers relevant, again. Facebook first introduced Offers in 2012. A few brands tested them out, but there was limited success due to the poor mobile experience. With the update, there are 2 offer types: Online Offers and In-Store Offers. The expanded units allow for more brands to potentially reap the benefits of Facebook Offers.


Offline Offers

With the addition of Offline Offers, Facebook has opened the door beyond brands that have e-commerce shops. When setting up an offline offer, you can choose to add a QR code or barcode so that it can be scanned from the user’s mobile device at checkout. Coupon codes, which are coming soon, will eventually be able to generate unique coupon codes for each person who claims an offer. This will also help limit the unwanted spread of offers, if the brand wants to limit circulation. The success of Offline Offers can be measured with a Conversion Lift study.

Online Offers

A key update to Online Offers is that when a user claims the offer, they are sent directly to your website to shop. When they are ready to check out, they can copy the discount code from the offer to apply it. This new functionality is a good way to generate clicks to your website. A Facebook pixel can measure how many sales were driven from the offer.

Additional Updates to Offersfacebook-offers-2

  • Reminders: Users will get reminders about their saved offers, across devices, when they are about to expire.
  • Bookmark: When users claim an offer on mobile or desktop, it will be saved to their new Offers bookmark.
  • New Creative Formats: Offers can have single images or multiple images via the carousel format.
  • Targeting: Offers can be targeted to custom audiences (those who have looked at your website or app) or lookalike audiences.
  • Optimization: Offers can be delivered to people in your target audience who are likely to engage with your ad or claim your offer.

What this Means for Brands:

Offers are worth another shot—if you haven’t taken a look at Facebook Offers since 2012, now is the time. Before, Facebook Offers really worked best for brands that sold products online. With the new Offline Redemption and Coupon Codes, we could see a lot more brick-and-mortar and brands without e-commerce sites taking advantage of these codes.

Another stride towards measuring ROI– With the improved user experience and more clear measurement options for tracking sales, these revamped offers can help better attribute sales to social.

Barcode integration is better, but still not all encompassing—if you are adding a barcode to your offer, there are still limits to keep in mind. There are 7 different Barcode options you can add via Facebook offers. Right now, offers can’t be limited and codes can’t be uniquely distributed—but Facebook said that will be coming soon.

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