Dr Pepper: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #12

Continuing the Facebook Fan Page Examples series, our latest installment is about Dr Pepper. With about 10.9 million fans on Facebook, Dr Pepper has a stronger Facebook presence than competing beverages like Mountain Dew (about 6.3 million), but falls behind powerhouses like Coca-Cola (more than 36 million) and Red Bull (about 22.5 million). Nevertheless, the brand has found some clever ways to engage fans and has created a strong Facebook following.

Dr Pepper Landing Tab: Wall

When users come to the Dr Pepper fan page for the first time they land on what is one of the less interesting parts of the page, the wall. This tab, which is a standard feature on all Facebook fan pages, gives Dr Pepper fans the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for the drink, and many of them do. But, by having the wall as its landing page, Dr Pepper loses the opportunity to immediately convey some of its more dynamic messaging to fans.


Dr Pepper’s TEN MAN’MENTS tab is more interesting, introducing fans to a new product the brand is obviously very excited about, Dr Pepper TEN. Through this tab, fans can access an app that allows them to single out friends who have broken Facebook MAN’MENTS such as “Thou Shalt Not Post Furry Animal Videos.”

This app is a smart use of social media marketing in that it allows fans to express their enthusiasm for the product while simultaneously engaging their friends with Dr Pepper messaging.

Cooking with Dr Pepper

The Cooking with Dr Pepper tab continues this fan engagement by allowing them to share recipes they’ve created using Dr Pepper. Not only does this tab promote fan involvement, it also provides useful information and encourages users to think of Dr Pepper as more than just a beverage.

Dr Pepper Football Promotion

Dr Pepper’s Football Promotion tab leads fans to the brand’s $1,000,000 Tuition Giveaway, which also does a lot to add fans’ voices and faces to the Dr Pepper’s Facebook presence. This promotion lets college students submit videos explaining why they deserve to win tuition money from Dr Pepper. Then, other fans can vote for their favorite videos.

Dr Pepper’s Facebook Content Strategy

Dr Pepper updates its Facebook wall with new content about once or twice a day. This content includes links to videos, photos, reminders about the brand’s Facebook promotions and general updates promoting the brand.

And, fan response to these posts is significant – each post receives thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Dr Pepper does a good job of engaging fans through clever questions or just by posting images that show the brand has a sense of humor.

Fan Engagement: Dr Pepper vs. Monster Energy

We decided to compare Dr Pepper to competitor Monster Energy, a beverage we looked at earlier in this series. This comparison shows that, though Dr Pepper has fewer fans, most of its posts received a greater fan response than Monster Energy’s posts. The posts that garnered the highest engagement rates were those that showed the brand’s quirky sense of humor with clever images or questions like, “If Dr Pepper had a middle name, what would it be?”

What does that mean? Through its social media efforts, Dr Pepper has continued its long tradition of positioning itself as a quirky, fun brand. Monster Energy, on the other hand, has done a good job of attracting fans with its focus on extreme sports, but has not engaged those fans at the same level as Dr Pepper.

What do you think about Dr Pepper’s Facebook page? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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