When Is It Time to Hire a Social Media Agency?

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely realized that even though your 13-year-old nephew is a Snapchat wizard, you may want to consider hiring experienced professionals to help manage your organization’s social media presence. So, when do you know it’s time to start looking for a social media agency? How do you choose between hiring your sister’s kid Evan or a professional social media agency to represent your organization on any and all the social media channels that your customers use? Here are five reasons to go with the pros and hire an agency.

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Does Evan have it covered?

When You Realize your Organization is Lacking a Clear Vision

Sure, you’re fishing where the fish are, but there’s so much more to fishing than just showing up to the lake. Backing away from the metaphors, are you a well-known company that needs to activate your biggest fans? Are you little-known, but want to make a big splash? Make sure to create achievable social media objectives and ground them in the needs of your organization. Not sure where to start? We may know a gal or guy that can help you with that (a-hem…). For those interested, our Lisa has a little more to say about this subject here.

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We may know a social media marketing agency you could call….

When You Don’t Know Where to Start

This goes beyond the mission of “creating a viral video.” A good social media agency will help you map out the path to achieve your goals using research, insights and experience from past successes. Knowing, not guessing, how your consumers research, discover and share, will set you on the right path and help establish a holistic social media strategy.

When You Don’t Know if Your Social Media is Successful or Not

A social media agency will help you determine if you are succeeding or failing at achieving your objective(s). This can be done in any number of ways, but a social media agency will develop the most appropriate key performance indicators based on your objectives and strategy. From there, they will also continually monitor and analyze the progress to help determine what your content or audience needs more or less of to succeed.

When You Realize That Social Media is the Key to the Customer Experience

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“YAS! A good brand experience!”

Your customers expect customer service through social media. Of course they do! It’s a direct line to the brand they love (or love to hate). Social media is a platform for a dialogue and if a customer has information or an opinion to share – or worse, a broken product – social media is a natural and very public forum to resolve their issue. If you’re not responding to your customers on social media, you run the risk of appearing indifferent towards them. If you respond quickly and demonstrate your concern and care for a positive brand/product experience, it will go a long way; not only with the customer who posted a comment, but to the entire audience that’s watching the exchange unfold before them.

There are many comments that come through social media, at all hours of the day, and a social media agency can not only help you monitor those comments and determine the priority of each comment, but they can also help you craft communications that will ensure your customers are being heard and taken care of.

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“They saw my comment!”

When your Brand’s Do’s and Don’ts, Don’t Exist

It is not easy to track all of the many changes to social media platforms and they happen in the blink of an eye. You likely don’t have time to create your social media best practices by trial-and-error. Time is money. Your time (and resources) could probably be better spent elsewhere, so efficiency is key. Social media agencies are constantly tracking changes to the social media platforms and applying that knowledge to their clients’ businesses. We know organic will be buried by a new change in the algorithm. We’ve already tested ways to optimize and get through it. Let us keep track of the changes and pivot your social media for you, so you can focus on the more immediate needs of your business.

So, if you’re looking for an award-winning social media agency, make sure to drop us a line. I’m sure we can find Evan an awesome internship. #GreatWorkplace 😉

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