3 Use Cases for Chatbots: Webinar Recap

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So you missed our chatbot webinar? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this debrief featuring 3 main use cases for chatbots we see happening right now.

Easy Ordering

Chatbots are being designed to improve the efficiency of shopping using your mobile device. Several brands like Staples (#client) and 1-800-Flowers have created chatbots to help drive consumers to purchase online. The goal is to create a responsive platform where consumers can go order a product and trust that the correct product is being purchased and shipped. Consumer trust is one of the big hurdles that chatbots will have to overcome in this use case scenario.

Customer Service

How would you feel about talking to a bot on social media? How do you create the same human interaction, but on a larger scale? Those are two of the biggest challenges with chatbots in the Customer Service arena. Chatbots have a long way to go before becoming the revolutionary customer service machines that brands are looking for. There are several examples that exist out there on the web where chatbots failed to achieve the same level of interaction as you would expect from a human interaction, like ASOS and Sure. Developers have to design bots that can respond to the many dynamic factors that go into a simple dialog and put in place escalation guidelines for when the conversation needs a human response.


News brands like The Wall Street Journal have taken advantage of chatbots to provide their users with real-time, up-to-date, news articles. You can use this chatbot to receive news alerts on relevant articles you enjoy and updates on current stock market prices. The idea for this use case is to provide users with a quick way to receive information they care about, whether it be news alerts or sports updates.

There are still many other use cases for chatbots, some of which have yet to be identified. Ultimately, it’s up to your individual brand to decide if a chatbot is the best match for you when delivering value to your users.

Want to learn more about the future of chatbots and other use cases for them? Check out the full webinar here.

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