Top Flavored Water Brands on Social Media

I think you’d be lying if you said you haven’t at least tried some type of flavored water. (I’m currently obsessed.) It’s pretty much become the new “thing” as people across the world declare their favorite brands, tweet pictures and even buy bathing suits to show their support. Just like sports teams and fast food chains, sparkling and flavored water brands have been using social media channels to bring the popular drink to their thirsty customers. From La Croix and hint to Bubly, here are a few of the top flavored water brands on social media.



Hint has created an impressive Instagram feed with a wide variety of content. Stop motion, pictures, UGC and videos fill their channel with bright, simple, and creative content. I’m a sucker for cute stop motions and hint does not disappoint. They have also combined peoples’ love of animals and their flavored water to showcase some great content. Dogs can have an a pretty universal appeal but who knew dogs and water could go hand in hand? Their bright and fun content has helped them gain nearly 772k Facebook fans on top of their popular Instagram and Twitter accounts.



Can you say UGC?! The majority of flavored water brands use a lot of user generated content on their social channels, and LaCroix is no exception. Nearly all of their content comes from their fans. While this technique won’t work for every brand, the colorful cans and smiling faces have gathered quite the attention. While their content is the same on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and we typically would recommend each channel be more unique – this hasn’t stopped LaCroix from gaining 160K Instagram followers. I’m thinking its time I start posing with my favorite flavor – Pamplemousse.



Not only did they have an amazing Super Bowl ad with the one and only Michael Bublé, but their content on their social channels has not disappointed. You could describe it as being simply adorable. Bublé has not been the only famous face on their social media channels. Neil Patrick Harris has also made an appearance to create some fun content. The majority consists of cute, animated videos and pictures showcasing their smiling cans. While Bubly hasn’t been around for as long as the others, they’ve still been able to create some great content.

These brands aren’t the only ones out there, but they’ve definitely made a splash on social media. Need help creating the right social content for your brand? Give us a call!

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