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Video is everywhere. I can almost guarantee that you watch at least one video online per day. It’s hard to avoid when you’re scrolling through your feed and they automatically starts playing. According to Cisco, by 2019 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. The videos you create as a brand will make you stand out from your competitors and are essential to your social media strategy. For those marketers still trying to figure out the secret to great video content, I’ve put together some tips and tricks to create effective and efficient video content for social media.

Video Content


Videos are all about making a catchy first impression. You only have a couple of seconds to reel in that consumer into watching your video. It’s also important to choose an appealing image as your thumbnail to intrigue the consumer to watch and listen to what you have to say.


With the auto play feature, it is likely that the viewer might miss the audio in the first few seconds of a video. Because of this, you must make sure your video can stand alone without sound and still get your message across with the visuals. With strong visual content, you will entice those viewers to turn on sound, which will add value to your message.


The more shares, the larger your reach. You know you’ve created successful content when people decide to share it with their followers/friends. Create content that is helpful such as answering a common consumer question or solving a problem, related to a popular trending topic, relatable and/or providing new information.


The internet moves at a fast pace and we’re always on the go. When it comes to the optimal length of a video, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” With Snapchat and Instagram, 10-15 seconds is the most time we have for video. While your video on Facebook can be longer, you don’t want to be sharing a five minute video; the shorter the better. For longer stories, break down your content into individual clips/GIFs. Hyperlapse is also great workaround to shorten your content. Remember, if you want the viewer to take a certain action, don’t wait until the end of the video.


High quality does not always mean high cost. Nowadays you don’t need a fancy video camera to make all the magic happen, an iPhone works just as well! Use your imagination and get creative with available props and everyday objects. The following tools and apps are super helpful to create and edit video:

Hyperlapse makes it possible to create time-lapse videos by condensing a longer video to a shorter one. It allows you to tell your story at a fast speed, which reduces video length. Our #client Lowe’s, effectively shows how to make your own chalkboard table in a matter of seconds.

Flipagram allows you to combine images and photos from your phone to create a slideshow or “flipagram.” You can also upload your own music or record a voice narration. Rebecca Minkoff showed a series of photos to get people excited about a new store opening.

Boomerang is an Instagram app that creates 4 second GIF-like videos. It takes a 2 second video and plays it forward and then backwards. Taco Bell is able to encompass the refreshing taste of a soft drink with the short video below.

Let’s be real, now you want a Baja Blast. ?

A video posted by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on

Stop Motion Studio easily creates videos with the stop-motion technique that manipulates an object that appears to move on its own. McDonald’s is always showing creativity with their videos on social, especially with the one below.

Things are looking a little Filet-O-Fish-y here. A video posted by McDonald’s (@mcdonalds) on

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