Four Smartphone Apps That Will Elevate Your Content

There are many ways to create content. You don’t have to primarily rely on your desktop computer to modify digital content like images and video for the brands that you help. There is a countless amount of smartphone apps that can come in handy for content creators seeking some assistance from their mobile devices. Here are four smartphone apps that will help you elevate your content for future posts:

  1. Unsplash

As a content creator, sometimes, you have to rely on stock imagery to form posts for social. A great resource for free high-resolution photographs is the Unsplash app. Unsplash is a resource with over 300,000 images that can be used for free. The images on the app have been curated by a community of generous photographers. The photos are free for commercial and non-commercial use. You also aren’t required to credit the photographers which can be helpful if you plan to use an image for one of the brands that you help.

(Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash)

  1. iMovie

If you’re an iPhone user, then this tool is a game changer! We all know that you can capture audio, video, and photos using an iPhone but, not everyone has taken advantage of the iMovie app available in the App Store. This app is a simplified version of the desktop iMovie program making it perfect for video editing. The iMovie app allows you to edit video content right off your mobile device. There are even templates with graphics that you can incorporate into your video project if you need some creative assistance. From the app, you can transfer files directly to your desktop or straight onto YouTube. If you create video content, then this is definitely a useful tool for editing.

  1. Layout for Instagram

Layout is an easy to use app that gives users the ability to create custom collages using images stored on their mobile device. With this app, you can put together eye-catching photo combinations to share on social for brands that may rely on collages to display their products.

  1. BeFunky

If you’re looking for an all in one app, Be Funky may be what you need to edit images for social. This time-saving tool is equipped with a photo editor, collage maker, and graphic design feature, perfect for easy editing. What makes this app stand out is its wide array of tools that give users the ability to customize using text, graphics, and color. Be Funky is the perfect app for creatives who need to edit content on the fly. From touching up an unwanted spot to cropping to the ideal size for Facebook, Be Funky is a useful tool that gives creatives the ability to adequately customize images to fit the needs of their clients.

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