Facebook Creative Hub: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Last year, at Cannes Lions, Facebook introduced Creative Hub as its newest feature dedicated to experimentation in our mobile-first world. They said, “This new, online interface will be a sandbox where agencies can play with different ad formats for online and mobile and experiment with what works best. Most ad creation happens on desktop but is experienced on mobile.” Truer words have never been spoken, so here’s how to make the Facebook Creative Hub work for you.


  1. Be inspired. Facebook Creative Hub was created in partnership with several partner agencies, and, as a result, their work is showcased throughout the Hub. Just click “Get Inspired” or “View Examples” and you can browse through the latest and greatest ads from Target, Bentley, MasterCard, Ben & Jerry’s, Wendy’s, and many more.
  2. Create and play. Facebook Creative Hub shows every available type of ad unit, from Facebook image posts to Instagram Stories, so the amount of experimentation that can happen on this platform is endless. It also neatly houses all of your mockups in one place, so you can create, edit, save your work, and come back and edit all over again … simply and easily.
  3. See your work in action. One of the best features of the Creative Hub platform is the ability to see posts as your audience will see them. When you create a mockup, you’ll be able to see how it looks in a desktop environment and on mobile. You can even send a link to yourself, coworkers, clients, anyone and open it on a mobile device to get an even better feel for the content. Gone are the days of the test page to see how your work will look in real life.
  4. Deliver mocked up ads in real-time. At this year’s Cannes Lions, Facebook announced, “This feature improves teamwork between media and creative groups and reduces the steps needed to deliver final assets (say goodbye to zipped files and emails). The result is a low friction experience with less room for error. Advertisers can deliver their final work—no rebuilding required—and simply click to publish.” This new feature makes Creative Hub even more useful and post creation more efficient and seamless with no room for mistakes … but best of all? This is the key to still being able to publish link posts (with paid support) with customized images and headlines, since Facebook announced they were removing those options to cut down on fake news. Social teams rejoice! 🙌

Now get out there and create! Would you rather have us show you the ropes? Say hello!

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