4 Quick Social Media Wins for Your Brand

With all the information out there about social media marketing, it can be hard to know which next steps your brand should take to be more successful. But never fear! We have four quick social media wins that you can easily start doing today. From creating videos using simple apps, to repurposing top performing content, utilizing UGC and more, we’re here to help you boost your brand’s social presence in a flash. Ready to start winning?

Video, Video and More Video

As you probably know, video is king on social media. In fact, according to a recent study, videos get 59% more engagement than other types of media on Facebook. The thought of creating video can be daunting, but there are simple, smart ways to incorporate more, even if you don’t have a lot of time to create:

  • Create slideshows using still images. Facebook’s slideshow feature is one easy way to make a video. Simply upload still images and they’ll be transformed into a video slideshow. You can also take one image and change it up a little each frame to create a video. Here’s an example of a quick video we made for our Altar’d State client where we took one image and wrote different sayings on each frame, turned it into a video and voila! We have multimedia.


  • Creating GIFs using existing videos/images you have is also a quick way to incorporate more of this engaging format. Here’s an example of a GIF we made for our client, Olay:


  • Finally, cinemagraph apps make it easy to add motion to a still image in a matter of minutes.


Repurpose Top Performing Content

While we do recommend fresh, custom content whenever possible, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Look back to top performing posts from the last year and see if there are any you can reuse on your channels – you can use the same image and pair it with new copy, use the same concept and execute it in a different way, or even reuse the entire piece. Just make sure it’s old enough that your audience won’t remember it. We recommend the content be at least 6 months old because that’s an eternity in social media years. 😉

Incorporate UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a win/win quick win (try saying 10 times fast). Not only is it more engaging on average, but you don’t have to spend time creating anything! Just make sure you’re getting the proper permission before posting it on your channels. (This blog has a lot of great info about securing permission and repurposing UGC.)


Our client, Visit the Outer Banks, does an amazing job using UGC to inspire their audience.

Utilize Instagram Stories

 We’re seeing Instagram Stories drive high engagement and efficient media buying costs for all our clients, across industries, so these are a strong and simple way to enhance your brand’s presence on social media. Stories can be repurposed from content you already have, and jazzed up with fun stickers, polls, questions, etc. More on that here. Put paid media support behind these to get even more bang for your buck!

We hope you’re feeling inspired by these quick social media wins and will give them a try soon. If you feel like you still need help growing your brand’s social media presence, we’ve got your back. Contact us here or on Twitter at @IgniteSMA.


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