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Ignite Social Media Mystery Trip 2013: Cabo San Lucas

One of the many perks that comes with working at Ignite Social Media, is our annual Mystery Trip.  Every year, since our founding in 2007, the entire company travels together to a destination that remains a mystery until we arrive at the airport that day. A few **cough** misleading **cough** clues are given in the months leading up to the trip, igniting buzz and excitement through both of our offices. The Mystery Trip destination could be anywhere; previous destinations include: Jamaica, New Orleans, and Amsterdam.

Last Friday morning we all gathered at our respective airports at the crack of dawn to find out where we would be going to… drumroll please… Cabo San Lucas! Enjoy a few pictures from our amazing trip:

Both offices gathered in our respective airports not-so patiently waiting to open our gift bags and learn the secret location.

NC Office at the Airport

Michigan Office at the Airport

The moment we all found out we were going…

to this amazing resort.

Riu Resort

Nothing says paradise like an infiniti pool.

Infiniti Pool

Add some Igniters and you have a party.

Lounging by the Pool

Cabo is home to some pretty stunning beaches.

The Beach

What good is a beach without some sand volleyball?

Beach Volleyball

One of the favorite group activities was the catamaran ride, partly because we were able to see things like this.

Rocks in Cabo San Lucas

But mainly because we were able to spend time with each other away from work.

Catamaran in Los Cabos

That’s the beauty of the Mystery Trip. It enables us to connect with our coworkers in a way that we just can’t in the office. As a result, we’re able to work more effectively together when we return.

Ignite Social Media Catamaran

If you would like to join us on next year’s Mystery Trip, head on over to our Job Openings page.

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