54 Social Media Experts We’re Thankful For

Ignite Social Media StaffIn two days, Ignite Social Media will close its doors so our work family members can break bread with their own family and friends this Thanksgiving.  We know social media marketing never truly takes a break (just ask our “always-on” Community Managers) but the leadership team at Ignite Social Media wanted to take a quick break out of our week to give thanks for the amazing team of social media experts that make our company one of the best, most experienced social media agencies in the world.

In no particular order, (well, alpha-order was easiest…) here’s a “short-list” of our fabulous staff of social media marketers and the many reasons we’re thankful for each of them!

Ignite Social Media Rockstars

John AndrewsJohn Andrews: His tireless energy is accompanied by an optimistic vision of what might be.

Beth Anne BallanceBeth Anne Ballance: She’s got the perfect mix of creativity and sass for brands looking to connect with young moms.

Heather BarefootHeather Barefoot: She’s willing to jump in and learn how to execute flawless influencer programs and social campaigns. Her eye for detail has helped us pull off programs that seemed impossible from the start.

Jessica BedussiJessica Bedussi: Our resident event planner, she’s the best “Social” director Ignite has ever had, planning the perfect way to celebrate every crazy occasion we can think of.

Deidre Lambert BoundsDeidre Bounds: She quietly makes the proverbial trains run on time.

Lisa BrazielLisa Braziel: She’s worked on more social media marketing campaigns for large brands than almost anyone on earth. But she’s still as humble and focused on results as she’s ever been.

Marcie BroganMarcie Brogan: She helped us build the model of what a social media agency could be.
Mary ByersMary Byers: She’s been instrumental in establishing solid relationships with several of our current clients.

Bruna CamargoBruna Camargo: She’s creative, bringing visual appeal and style to every piece of content she produces.

Greg De LimaGreg De Lima: He’s always looking at data through several lenses and always learning.

Debbie DeSantisDebbie DeSantis: She has an aptitude for numbers.  She’s  no CFFaux.

Adabelle EspinosaAdabelle Espinosa: She brings the element of surprise. An expert blog post, a witty response to a trending topic or a new Power Editor shortcut – you never know what she’ll pull out of her blanket scarf next.

nicole esplinNicole Esplin: She’s got focus. It literally can’t be broken no matter how loud and crazy the team gets around her.

samantha FoonSamantha Foon: She’s willing to wear many, many hats.

Amanda FuquayAmanda Fuquay: She has a breadth of experience in project management and PR that today helps us ensure influencer programs are always buttoned up and strategic.

matt garciaMatt Garcia: His wealth of global business development expertise will continue to help us broaden our portfolio

Jess GJessica Gaylord: Her dry, understated sense of humor somehow puts a positive spin on every crazy situation our community managers have to deal with.

Francheska GjeloshajFrancheska Gjeloshaj: She knows all things pop-culture, and that helps our entire team develop “right-time” community content for our brands
La Tosca GoodwinLa Tosca Goodwin: She plays an instrumental role in helping our agency navigate the choppy and often changing world of social to develop applications that make users and our clients happy.

Meghan HardyMeghan Hardy: She’s the epitome of hard-work and dedication to her craft. She is one of the most buttoned-up and detail-oriented people we know.

Brooke HefnerBrooke Hefner: She can take complex social media marketing concepts and explain them in a way that’s not only understandable but guaranteed to entertain.

Taylor HorneckerTaylor Hornecker: She has an always learning attitude and willingness to take the time to teach both herself and others.

Joe KarleJoe Karle: He never wavers from doing what’s right for clients or the agency.

Kristina KellyKristina Kelly: If we only had one word to describe Kristina, it would be passionate. Her dedication to the brands she represents in unrivaled.

Jessica LamJessica Lam: She’s the epitome of efficiency and thoroughness in her approach to client service.

Ashlie LanningAshlie Lanning: She’s driven, that’s for sure. No matter what, Ashlie will always over-deliver on your expectations.

Erin LedbetterErin Ledbetter: She has a memory like a steel trap.  Her knowledge of the historical is tested daily and she never disappoints. Plus, she always guesses Mystery Trip locations…or at least she thinks she does.

kathleen LoescherKathleen Loescher: She’s our local foodie, helping us find the best nomz in Raleigh. Go ahead, follow her on Instagram. You’ll be thankful (or maybe jealous) that you did.

Keriann MaltbyKeriann Maltby: The subtle creativity she brings to the content she creates for brands ensures they still come across as human but with a clear voice that could only be a fit for that brand.

Misi McClellandMisi McClelland: She has hidden “comedic” talents and always has something funny to say that immediately brightens the day.

alexis MonetteAlexis Monette: She’s willing to do whatever it takes and has an ability to create content that not only aligns with that particular social channel but is beautifully executed, yet simple and clean.

Michael PattersonMichael Patterson: He has an unwavering drive to deliver excellent client service.

Farasha PolkFarasha Polk: She has a unique ability to connect with an audience (plus a keen eye for fashion and beauty) that serves her brands well.

Stephanie FarrStephanie Purinton: Her love of numbers and analysis is unparalleled. It’s rare to find someone who can play the role of strategist, content creator and analyst all in one neat and tiny package.

Megan RaufMegan Rauf: She spends so many of her precious nights and weekends taking care of our clients’ most loyal fans.

Victoria Kay RogersVictoria Rogers: She pays close attention to every detail and is a true team player.

David RyanDave Ryan: No matter the idea, he makes it look fantastic, and engaging.

Jennifer SalernoJenn Salerno: She is #AlwaysLearning about our clients and partners social media marketing to help them achieve success.

candice wright smithCandice Smith: She ensures that our promises, to each other and to clients, come true with her famous, “Who, does what, by when?”

gene smithGene Smith: No matter what we’ve asked for 7 years, his answer has always been, “It’s doable.”

Brent SoboleskiBrent Soboleski: He sees projects from every standpoint and thinks through the best way to solve the deliverables needed.

Laura SolanoLaura Solano: She brings thought-leadership and a strategic approach to developing and executing Hispanic-targeted social media marketing. Her knowledge of the space has been an invaluable addition to our team.

Meredith SparrowMeredith Sparrow: She’s a student of social media marketing. She’s always current on the state of the ecosystem, and so she can effectively rally the team and formulate sound strategic recommendations

Emily SpurlockEmily Spurlock: Her expertise on how to run legal promotions is brought with a refreshing creativity and open mindedness that helps her find unique solutions others would never find.

Kyle SteufKyle Stuef: He’s a teacher, not a preacher and has an ability to explain community strategy in a way even a social media novice can understand.

Christian SullivanChristian Sullivan: She’s been instrumental at forming real relationships with influencers and advocating for innovative solutions that meet both the influencer needs as well as the brand’s.

Sweeney RyanRyan Sweeney: He is a true data junkie who stays calm and humorous when the pressure is on.

Nikki TompkinsNikki Thompkins: She is the Finance Team “Rockstar” whose extensive knowledge of our system keeps us rocking!

kathleen TKathleen Tierney: She’s a chameleon with the ability to adapt content and engagement styles for the audience she’s trying to reach.

Jim TobinJim Tobin: He has determination. Every year he returns from Coach K Camp a little more tattered than the year before, but the next year he just as excited as if it were the first time .

kailee VandamiaKailee VanDamia: She can always be counted on to ask the “how” and “why” behind every idea or strategy, working with other teams and our clients to find her answers.

brandi royal washingtonBrandi Royal-Washington: She thinks as clients think.  She anticipates their needs and expectations in order to have her team always prepared.  She’s never afraid to fight for what’s right and clients respect her for that.

darrough westDarrough West: He’s consistently bridging creativity and technology to develop solutions in ways that wow both Ignite and our clients.

vanessa williamsVanessa Williams: She keeps us up-to-date on the latest trends and has an understanding of how to craft implications for brands and marketers, across a variety of verticals.

Ignite Social Media