Top Online Social Media Courses Your Social Media Manager Should Take

We’ve rounded up the top online social media courses for social media managers to learn best practices and tips/tricks. With these courses you can reduce your time searching for answers, spark innovative ideas and ultimately improve your social channels. The best part? Our favorites are free!

Facebook Blueprint

This is a great way to get your information straight from the source. It’s free and there is seemingly endless information. We like that each course is short, and you can move along at your own pace. This resource gives you deep dives into each Facebook feature and shares best practices to make your campaigns more successful.

Social Media Quickstarter

Broken out by channel, this resource gives you quick step-by-step instructional articles to get you started. As the name implies, we like this course if you’re new to the social media manager role and you need a jump start. From common steps to avoid to introduction to metrics, it can be your partner in getting started.

Skillshare – Free Social Media Marketing Courses

You’ll have to search around on this platform to find the exact right video for you but on Skillshare you’ll find hundreds of social media focused videos under the “Social Media” skills page. We like that it provides access to so many different teachers and topics including creating a social media strategy and Instagram best practices.  

If your interested connecting with others in the social space, here is a list of top social media conferences we’ve attended & appreciated. #alwayslearning

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