Great community management

Six Examples of Great Community Management

There’s a lot that goes into community management. A community manager acts as the link between a brand and its customers- helping to build, grow, and manage their online communities. Community managers (CMs) are, in many cases, the voice of the brand. They are immersed in the community and they’re the people you communicate with when you reach out to a brand. While community managers are faced with difficulties every day, there are many moments where they shine. Our social media agency has a discipline team full of community manager experts. We’ve compiled some examples of great community management to recognize some of their hard work!

  1. Being Personable

 Mall of america response

Being genuine is a great way to gain attraction and build the community. It is often a simple interaction, like the above, that makes all the difference. This CM chimed in on a conversation with customers (while not always the best tactic), in this situation it works. I know from experience that those in your brand’s community love when the brand interacts with them.

  1. Multiple Ways to Say the Same Thing

Great community management example - Ignite Social Media

It can be challenging as a CM to address the same comment over and over again. This CM for our #client not only addresses several comments but does it without using the same cookie-cutter response. Being unique with your response can help show users that you read their comment and put some thought into it, not just copy and pasted. When users are looking back at comments and they notice the same answer is always given, they may stop engaging.

  1. Answers the Question at Hand

example of brand answering a question on social media- Gillette

Don’t beat around the bush, answer the question at hand in a crisp and clear way as we did for this #client. The CM did a great job addressing the comment without sending the customer to a different link or help center. In a situation like this, where the answer can be easy addressed, it pays to get the response to the customer directly. The personal touch helps, too.

  1. Great Community Management Goes the Extra Mile

Great community management example - Sherwin-Williams

Offering suggestions and offering another way to directly reach the paint team – well done, CM, well done! When customers have such a specific request, CMs can spend a lot of time hunting to find exactly what they want. Not only does this show dedication, it also makes the brand seem eager to help as best as they can. After receiving help like this, the customer would probably be more likely to turn to the brand for more help.

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  1. Sugar Coating the Bad with Something Good

Great community management example - Sephora

While the answer you have to give may not be what the customer wants to hear, it’s always helpful to end on a high note. This CM did just that and took the opportunity to show how the brand has been expanding. That may give hope to the community that the brand is listening to them and taking their suggestions to heart. In this situation, they’re likely more excited about receiving a response, then they are bummed about not having a location near them.

  1. Quick to Respond

Quick response by Olive Garden

Answering the community can be a constant challenge – but answering the community quickly can be even harder. It is incredibly impressive that the community manager was able to get back to this customer within five minutes, while he was likely still at the restaurant. Although the CM may not have been able to immediately help Curtis, at least now he feels like the brand cares about his concerns.

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