Five Things Community Managers Notice (But You Don’t Think We Do)

Let’s clear some things up for the people who *really* love contacting our brands for help, shall we?

1.) Yes, we notice your perverted usernames.

Hey “BumLover6969,” we get it. You’re nasty. We laugh at first, but when you complain on our pages 16 times about how you want free stuff, we tend to stop taking you seriously. Starting a tweet with “Dear @BumLover6969” feels awkward for us too, ya know?

2.) We know if you’re a “contest-only user.”

One click onto your Facebook timeline, and I can tell if you’re a user who only uses Facebook to enter contests. Even on Twitter, I can check out your tweets and see that you spend a whole lot of time waiting for Twitter parties where you can win stuff. It’s okay though – don’t hate the player, hate the game, right?

3.) We notice when you say you love our brand and then say you love our competitor brand in the next tweet.

Why cheat on us like that, PiNkcutieFLower83? Are you buttering us up so we’ll send you free product? Oh you are? Yeah, we know. BUT NOW IT’S TOTALLY OVER.

4.) We notice if you signed up for Twitter for the sole purpose of complaining.

We’re sorry! We really are! But we’ll do a much better job fixing your problem if you aren’t trolling us. We also notice if you just change your username and then complain to us again. This might sound kind of stalkery, but, well, it’s kind of our job.

5.) We notice when you’ve direct messaged us multiple times for free coupons.

Dear “I never complain to brands but can you give me free coupons:” You asked us for free coupons six months ago. And two years ago. Yeah, that’s still in the message thread. We also put together the pieces when your sister then asks us for free coupons, and your husband asks us for free coupons… We get it. You like free coupons. We would give out all the free coupons in the world if our brand manager would let us! However… we doubt that will fly, so please share the coupons with your family and take a break from asking for freebies.

So please, coupon-seekers and chronic complainers, be aware of these things before you try to pull the free coupon veil over our eyes.

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