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The Life of a Community Manager in .gifs

Kieran Wilson.

Today, January 27, 2014, marks a holiday that we at Ignite Social Media take very seriously: Community Manager Appreciation Day. To commemorate this great day, we asked the people in the trenches to describe their job using .gifs. The result is nothing short of awesome:

The Everyday Struggles of a Community Manager

When people tell you that you must have the easiest job in the world because you get to play on Facebook all day:

There's that look your older relatives give you when you try to explain to them what your job entails:

Or when all of your college friends claim they’re getting “too old” for Facebook:

And then there's Facebook:

But for all the struggles, there are plenty of victories.

Community Manager #Winning

When your social program slays a competitor's:

When your client picks your concept over that of a "partner agency":

When another brand CM interacts with you in a very sassy way on Twitter:

When your work shows up on Buzzfeed:

When your content calendar is accepted without changes!

When your Facebook post gets a record-high engagement rate for your brand:

When a celebrity mentions your brand (in a good way):

When you put down the ban-hammer.

When your content gets stellar engagement:

When you see someone #hashtagging #every #word:

When you see another brand being super original and asking fans to "Like This" or "Retweet If":

But then, there's these:

Frustrations of a Community Manager

When people start trolling on a post for no reason:

When Fans harass your brand page assuming they’re speaking directly to the head decision maker of the company:

When you're live tweeting an event and a friend texts or calls you:

When someone asks you if they can buy a specific product in a specific store that’s in a specific town:

Trying to secure the Vine URL for your brand:

When Facebook informs you that some targeting features are only available to paid posts:

When your whole day is filled with consumer complaints and you have a calendar to finish.

So don't let those internet trolls get you down

Because you have one of the coolest jobs out there:

So celebrate.

Because let's be real, everyone kind of wants to be a community manager.

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