What You Should Put in Your Brand’s About Section

If there’s anything in this world we’ve always known to be true, it’s that first impressions are everything. It holds up for job interviews, first dates, trying a new restaurant, and nowadays, a brand’s social media page. When a consumer visits your social media profile, they’re hoping to find out all the information they need to make their decision about your business or service. Below are some tips to ensure your brand’s social media ‘About’ section can land that second date. 

First, it’s important to remember that your brand’s ‘About’ section is different from the ‘About’ page that would be found on your website. Between web visits and social, there are two different goals. On the ‘About’ page of your website, that’s where you would want to talk about your brand, and it’s history. On social, the community wants to know what you can do for them quickly, and that’s what you’ll want to include in this section. 

Keep it short. Many social networks only allow a certain amount of characters for your brand’s introduction – be selective about what to include. If your company has a tagline, slogan, or unique positioning statement, be sure to add it in the case, consumers are searching for you through keywords they know may be associated with your brand. Add emojis or hashtags, but only if it’s relevant for your brand, you don’t want to use characters unnecessarily since it is limited. For reference, here are some allotments by channel: 160 characters for Twitter, 155 for Facebook, and 150 allowed for Instagram. 

One final element that can be included in your brand’s ‘About’ section is an additional method of contact. It can link to another one of your brand’s social media pages, website, or a direct way to contact a customer service team. For example, a consumer may be searching for your customer service information on Twitter, but prefer to use Instagram. By seeing your brand’s Instagram handle, the consumer will know that Instagram is a good way to get in touch if they have a comment or question.  

At the end of the day, people visiting your page want to know who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should follow you. Showcase your brand best features upfront to ensure you’ve given consumers the ultimate first impression. 

Wanting to develop a new strategy for how to introduce your brand on social or do you have any other pressing social media issues? Contact us, we can help! 

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