Does the”Blog Council” Understand Blogging?

Yesterday I discovered an excellent (and rather humorous) post by B.L Ochman discussing the “Blog Council“. What is the Blog Council you may ask? The site describes it as the following:Blog Council

“The Blog Council is where the people who run large companies’ blogs share best practices and new ideas.”

Upon reviewing the site – there is so much to say. Below are the three things that I just can’t help but notice. These things really make me wonder if this so called “Blog Council” really understands blogging:

1) The “Blog Council” ironically does not have a blog anywhere on it’s site. And if you want to give feedback? Well you better either write it on your own blog or send an email.

2) The Blog council is all about the “sharing” of information, but only with those involved in corporate blogs. Seems like these companies could also use the help of those who have specific expertise and solid understanding of social media, but perhaps I’m biased.

“By joining this movement, you share ideas, opportunities, and energy with a peer group that understands exactly what you are going through. You meet great people. You do big things. You make a difference.”

3) Finally, the council states that it does not, “represent vendors, agencies or individual/small business blogs. We also don’t represent big businesses that aren’t blogging yet.” So basically the council is after large corporations with large budgets. Sounds like a good business opportunity for somebody involved….

Any Blog Council members out there who would like to shed some light? I’d love to hear your point of view.

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