Ignite Social Media Proudly Introduces Carusele™, A New Media Company

Over the past year, we have been creating a new media company called Carusele. The mission of this new company is to make it easy for marketers to reach target audiences through high-quality organic content delivered across social channels. Using lean startup principles, we have worked directly with dozens of marketers to better understand the challenges they are facing with social media. Common themes include decline of organic reach on social channels, demonstrating ROI and lack of channel engagement. Carusele was created to solve these problems and serve as a simple yet effective way for brands and retailers to add content marketing to their overall digital media mix.


As anyone involved in social media marketing can tell you, this stuff is hard. Rarely a day goes by where we don’t see one of the leading platforms making material changes that fundamentally alter how users interact with each other and branded content. Plans and tactics that work one day can be completely useless the next. With consumers now spending more time with social media than any other channel, its imperative that brands be effective on those channels. Like other digital channels, efficiencies plummet as more and more messaging competes for consumer attention. Social media engagement has already fallen to that of digital display as consumers filter out extraneous noise from their social feeds. This trend, combined with social channels continuing to throttle organic reach, continues to decrease the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts.

Carusele solves this problem by creating vast amounts of original media, professionally managed by our team of social content editors using the Carusele Network platform. Leveraging real-time engagement data, our team continually optimizes content aggregation and syndication to optimize audience reach and engagement. To date, Carusele has created over 20 campaigns using our proprietary Organish™ media approach that combines multiple forms of content, community engagement and paid social media. The results have been quite impressive including a reduction on overall CPMs along with steady increases in engagement. Several measured programs have demonstrated impressive double digit increases in both eCommerce and in-store sales lift.

Carusele is headquartered in our Raleigh, NC area office with 9 full-time employees. We also have offices in Detroit, MI and Fayetteville, AR. Ignite Social Media is providing initial financing and support. Founders include Jim Tobin, Deidre Bounds, Marcie Brogan and John Andrews.

You can learn more about Carusele here.


Thanks for sharing this exciting time with us!

Ignite Social Media