YouTube: A Virtual Walk-Through for Real Estate

Just moving into a new townhome, I just went through the pains of visiting and searching place after place before finally finding one that matched my taste.

During the process, I had a daily routine of watching Craigslist for the latest posting and the struggle of determining from a few words and pictures whether it was worth a visit. I set up appointments, visited, and realized quickly that most places were a waste of time by the time I rolled up. For the most part- it was hit or miss.

However, in an article I crossed, this same frustration has inspired real estate agents to respond – offering YouTube as a solution.

By creating “virtual walk-through” videos to sell houses, real estate agents can serve clients faster and more efficiently by giving a real view of a property. Only the extremely interested will proceed further. Not only does this save time for people like me, but it can also help real estate agents close faster.While still in it’s infancy, I expect to see this to be a differentiator in the competitive retail environment, and a much needed development in real estate advertising.Perhaps as this develops further there will be a better integration with YouTube and Craigslist to facilitate the search. At least, that is for me to hope.

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