Vine Updates

Three Vine Updates Brands Must Utilize

The much-hyped announcement made by Facebook in June that unveiled Instagram video nearly overshadowed the largest update rolled out by Vine. The new features answer many criticisms made by users and promises a more fun and easy experience. The Vine updates are a solid counter to the new competition, but what does it mean for social media marketing?

Vine Updates

A couple of the updates, specifically the protected posts and new camera tools, are nice features, but may not necessarily help you meet your brand objectives. Would you add privacy protection your posts to help meet your fan acquisition goals? No. I didn’t think so. You should try the new grid feature to ensure your video looks professional. However, there are three changes you must learn and utilize immediately:

1. Channels

You can now surf 15 channels from the Explore screen, including comedy, music, family, and dogs. This feature allows brands to zone in on their target demographic. For examples, a clip of Samsung’s’ Usher video could be uploaded under the music category. Your posts are now more likely to cross paths with the intended audience.

2. On The Rise

This new feature will allow users to see what people or brands are grabbing the attention of the Vine community. The goal is to produce posts that get noticed by the community, and then your brand will benefit from increased reach and engagement in the form of likes, comments and revines. Speaking of revines…

3. Revining

With one tap, users can re-post a video to their followers. Like retweets on Twitter, this is a great opportunity for brands to gain traction on Vine. Create content with purpose, so the post drives your community to take action. The NHL used a simple, but appropriate post to test this new feature. The video appealed to all hockey fans equally by showing banners from each team and it was appropriately timed before the NHL Draft.  The video produced nearly 2,500 likes and 15 revines which was more successful than the often noted and praised Oreo Vines.

Change is a good thing in this case. Vine has given brands the ability to zero in on a target audience and extend their reach with revining. These new features are currently available on iOS. Protected posts are available now for the Android, but the other features roll out to Android users next week.

How will you incorporate these updates into your social media marketing goals?

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