Is Facebook Engaging for Your Brand?

A quick Google search can reveal various options for how to improve your social media posts.  There are tons of opinions, articles and expert advice on which brands do it best and which don’t. Despite all this information, brands continue to struggle with keeping their content fresh and engaging, and determining whether organic or paid is the best direction to get the most of a post.

At Ignite Social Media, we believe the answer begins with quality analytics and sound analysis of thousands of posts what makes them engaging. The results are outlined in an October 92017 piece titled “Taking A Deep Dive into Brands’ Facebook Posts,” Emma Bazilian of AdWeek shares insights from our team’s analysis of posts from 30 brands from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016.  Ms. Bazilian’s infographic details the types of posts that garner the most common types of engagements, average fan reach, and the median fan reach for organic posts that were tested as part of the study.

Ryan Sweeney, Ignite’s director of metrics and analytics, and his team’s insights provide data on the types of posts that garner the most reach and which posts do better organically, among other things.  The team also notes that it took an average of 181 impressions to generate one engagement on Facebook.  Sweeney says, “Given Facebook’s recent focus for generating likes, comments or shares, marketers should also keep in mind the objectives of each post…”.

The infographic below is a great depiction of the work our team did, check it out.

Ignite Social Media