Best Practices For Social Media Event Coverage

In the final days before the 2018 All-Star Weekend, Team Curry & Team Lebron are making final adjustments to their game day tactics. As we get closer and closer to tip off, brands should also be questioning if their social media teams are game time ready.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as your assembling the perfect social media team to cover any big game.

  1. Know the Rules

A game wouldn’t be any fun if players didn’t follow the rules, right? #deflategate. As a brand is preparing to participate during any big event, the social team should spend time studying up on usage rights. Even if the brand your representing is a sponsor or is otherwise affiliated with a team, there are LOTS of rules dictating what can and can’t be said. Don’t get kicked out of the game early because no one did their homework reviewing guidelines.

  1. Play Nice

Last year the NBA themselves issued a memo stopping their players from engaging in trash talk on social. It’s a good reminder for brands to play nice on social too. As a fan, it’s fun to participate in some back and forth but brands should carefully consider how they’re participating in conversations. We suggest having a team mate on hand to post-check all posts or replies before going live to make sure messaging is following brand policy.

  1. Listen to Your Fans Calls

Listening to your fans becomes even more important during big events. Make sure to have a dedicated social team in place to participate in social listening. We all like when the unexpected happens during a game so make sure you’re not just scheduling posts out and instead participating in conversations with your fans or requesting user generated content that you can repurpose in real-time.

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