Twitter idea #34,345 – Internal office use

Microblogging is all the rage as of late for connected individuals on the net. Twitter has too many uses to list, the sky really is the limit. twhirl-intro-screens.jpg

One way to use twitter is to setup an account just for internal use inside your office, or alternatively using it to communicate with a select group of friends. It is very easy to set this up and doesn’t take much time.

Two things are required to make this work:

1. Twhirl
2. New Twitter Account

I would suggest getting Twhirl, even if you do not plan on implementing this tactic. Its a great way to stream the service across your desktop. Without Twhirl this setup really won’t work that I know of, especially if you have another twitter account that you use regularly. Twhirl allows you to stay signed into several accounts at the same time.

Step 1. Install and setup Twhirl

Step 2. Once you have set up your new Twitter account, lock it down from prying eyes.

Step 3. Follow your fellow groupies/ co workers with their locked accounts

One of the main ways I use the internal account is to share links I find throughout the day with coworkers. It has worked great for rounding up links as well for blog posts. Some times email can get clogged so its a nice relief to share something with your coworkers without feeling the need to create an email.

Can you think of any other beneficial ways to use protected twitter accounts within your office, or group?

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