Is your brand health Wretched? – Real Time Twitter Sentiment

I have really been digging as of late. I chatted with the guy who started it briefly and I am impressed with what they have going on over there. Their latest tool they released is a real time Twitter sentiment tool. Summize

I decided to run the top 30 brand names through it to see the “health” of each brand. The scoring system used by this tool is, great , swell, so-so, bad, and wretched. Keep in mind the findings below could very well change by the time you run the tool, hence the “realtime” aspect. I heard they are working on a plotting system so you can keep track of a terms “health” over time, keep an eye out for it.

List of 30 Brands and their associated “Health”

  • Google – swell
  • GE – so-so
  • Microsoft- bad
  • Coke – bad
  • China Mobile – swell
  • IBM – swell
  • Apple – swell
  • McDonalds – great
  • Nokia – swell
  • Marlboro – great
  • Vodafone – so-so
  • Toyota – so-so
  • Wal Mart – bad
  • Bank of America – bad
  • Citi – swell
  • HP – great
  • BMW – great
  • ICBC – swell
  • Louis Vutton – n/a
  • American Express – great
  • Wells Fargo – so-so
  • Cicso – swell
  • Disney – great
  • UPS – swell
  • Tesco – bad
  • Oracle – swell
  • Intel – swell
  • Porsche – great
  • SAP – so-so
  • Gilette – bad

Wanted to throw this in there since its fresh, and on everyone’s mind.

  • Obama – great
  • Clinton – swell
  • McCain – great

Any of these findings strike you as odd? Some of them definitely line up with what I would have assumed, Wal Mart for example.

NOTE: Keep in mind Twitters target audience are mostly technical savvy folks with around 6 men to every 4 women using the service, according to MSN adlabs which predicts demographic information, thus skewing the sentiment a brand or keyphrase receives.

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