10 Twitter Tips you Can Learn from North Carolina Food Trucks

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Although I’m considerably biased, the North Carolina food trucks scene around the Triangle is one of the best. I figured I’d combine my two loves of social media and food trucks into one blog post. Here are 10 North Carolina food trucks (in alphabetical order) you should follow on Twitter along with 10 social media best practices:

1. American Meltdown

One of my favorite things about social media is how easy it is to share content, not only within platforms but across them. American Meltdown received a lovely compliment from one of its fans on Facebook. Being the savvy social media users that they are, they were able to easily share this sentiment on Twitter. The one thing I would have added would be a screenshot in addition to the link, but that’s just me.American Meltdown North Carolina food trucks     

2. Chick-N-Que

One of the best characteristics about Twitter is its ability to easily inform your followers about events in real time. That is especially helpful when your generator isn’t functioning properly. Although, I’m sure Chick-N-Que followers were disappointed they weren’t able to consume some amazing barbecued chicken, they were informed and were probably more understanding of the circumstances.  

3. Chirba Chirba

It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for most restaurants to comment on the weather every time it rains, but when you’re in North Carolina, it’s a different story. Inclement weather is a big deal in the South. And if you can throw in a clever pop culture reference like Chirba Chirba did here, you’re golden.   

4. The Humble Pig

Having food trucks cater events is getting more and more popular. It’s always good to make sure your customers are always thinking of you in any situation where food is needed. In the case of The Humble Pig, making sure their customers know they cater weddings could mean huge business opportunities in the future.  

5. Klausie’s Pizza

If anyone takes the time to write about your brand, you should almost always give them a shoutout. The YouTube channel Street Food Diaries is doing short documentaries about all of the local North Carolina food trucks. Klausie’s Pizza was happy to share the video.  

6. Kokyu BBQ

Food trucks are often present at music shows and festivals. Like Kokyu BBQ, making sure to acknowledge the bands performing is a smart move. Actions like these help expose you to entirely new fan base.  

7. Monuts Donuts

The thing I love the most about Monuts Donuts‘ Twitter account is that they regularly show pictures of their doughnuts. If your food tastes as good as it looks (in this case, they do), there isn’t a much better way to promote your product than with visuals.  

8. Only Burger

Knowing the location of a restaurant can be tricky when it’s mobile. That’s why I love how Only Burger adds a link to the end of their tweets to show exactly where they are going to be cooking their delicious burgers. If you’re trying to brainstorm ways to inform your customers about where you are, Twitter provides several options. Now that Twitter has become more image-friendly, you could also include a screenshot of a Google Maps result or a picture of your truck near a local landmark. And now that Twitter supports GIFs, maybe you could think of a fun way to share your location in the form of a short, looping video.  

9. The Parlour

It’s always great to see food trucks support each other and local business in general. In the case of this latte art competition, The Parlour was sure to mention all major parties involved including the venue, sponsor, and fellow food truck, American Meltdown. And guess what? It was retweeted by all of them. Always try to collaborate with others in your industry. It can pay off when they reciprocate.  

10. Pie Pushers

If you make awesome food (like Pie Pushers) for long enough, someone is going to sing your praises. Make sure you share positive comments from your fans. It’s like bragging about yourself except you never have to feel guilty because someone else did it for you.North Carolina Food Trucks

10 Twitter Tips from North Carolina Food Trucks

1. Share content across different social media platforms.2. Use the real-time benefits of Twitter to inform your followers (delays, changing locations, etc.).3. Comment on local events. It will make you seem like a part of the local community.4. Make sure your customers know all of the different services you offer.5. If anyone takes the time to write about your brand, you should always give them a shoutout.6. Actions like these help expose you to entirely an new fan base.7. If your food tastes as good as it looks, there isn’t a much better way to promote your product than with visuals.8. If you’re trying to brainstorm ways to inform your customers about where you are, Twitter provides several options.9. Always try to collaborate with others in your industry.10. Make sure you share positive comments from your fans.I know left out some amazing food trucks. Which ones do you wish were on the list and why do you like following them on Twitter?