Social Networks 2011: Winners and Losers as Shown via Search Volume: INFOGRAPHIC

In the U.S., Facebook reigns supreme in the social network space (it is the only one with a movie made about it, after all) but in today’s global economy, there are over 50 social networks all vying for niche markets.

Here’s the infographic we provided to Mashable for their news coverage this morning.

Ever wonder what social network has the highest percentage of men? Where the richest netizens are located? Had a feeling that a social network was beginning to take off, but no data to prove it? Are you a marketer looking for the next big thing on the Internet? While Americans have the State of the Union by the president to report on the condition of the nation, we now present to you the current State of Social Networks. Prepare to be enlightened!

All data comes from Google, one of the largest data sets on the web, primarily through Google Ad Planner and Google Insight for Search. Check out the original blog post for more information on the methodology as well as detailed information on different geographic and demographic traffic trends.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts! Are you one of the many people jumping ship from declining social networks? Were you an early adopter for one the recently #winning networks? Were things better back in the day before your network went mainstream, or is the recent popularity a good thing? Do you think it’s obvious that has many more women than men, or are you on one of the heavily male Chinese networks wishing more women would come around?

Most importantly: do you think social networks have, in fact, reached a saturation point? What do you think?

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