Social Network for Scientists has been launched – an online social network where members of the scientific community can collaborate to generate and revise articles, create personal profiles, and publish their work online.
It’s been billed as a YouTube for scientist, but SciVee is about the free and widespread dissemination and comprehension of science. In other words, Open Access – in BOAI terms, “…journal articles should be disseminated as widely as possible…”

Still in Alpha release, SciVee utilizes the common Web 2.0 features (tag cloud, embedded Flash video player, Dojo JavaScript). The unique feature is the PubCast, which is a combination of the scientific publication with an audio or video presentation. PubCast allows scientist to synchronize their presentation with display of text and figures from their paper.

SciVee is more than videos; it engages virtual discussions with authors, the creation of communities around specific articles and collaboration between scientists. All the presentations also include a link to the original published article and a list of the references and tags (keywords) based on NLM‘s MeSH.

SciVee is a partnership between PLoS, NSF and SDSC. I’m looking forward to this partnership and seeing where their collaborative minds take the future of

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