How Digg dealt with Facebook, according to Digg

I’m finally getting a chance to post some of these videos from Internet Summit, starting with yesterday’s video of my chat with Google’s Rick Klau. Today I’m sharing a video of a talk I had with Digg’s Matt Van Horn. In it, we chatted about how Digg took the “threat” of Facebook and made it an opportunity, which I found interesting. Similary, when Twitter turned the world’s attention to real-time information sharing, Digg reacted with Digg Trends and even used Twitter to promote it with its own Twitter account. Take a look at how Matt describes it:

It’s relatively easy to get a hot tool (emphasis on relatively), but it’s amazingly difficult to keep it going for years, as Digg has done in part by making smart changes like these. What do you think? Do you still use Digg like you used to?

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