INFOGRAPHIC: Social Networks Winners and Losers 2012 – Based on Search Volume

Since 2008, Ignite Social Media has been producing a detailed report on 59 social networks, showing the demographics of their users, the geographies in which they are popular and how often they are searched for, which is one indicator of popularity. As our report enters its fifth iteration, competition for social network membership is a worldwide battle. Facebook continues to dominate in much of the world, but in the Ukraine and Russia we see the rise of  Vkontakte and in China and Hong Kong we see Kaixin001 appealing to many men. Newer networks like Pinterest and Google+ keep the space in turmoil in the United States and beyond.

All this data can be confusing, though, so for the 2nd year in a row, we’ve broken down the winners and losers in social networks for 2012 using data from Google Ad Planner and Google Insights for Search and pulled out the highlights in an infographic.

Mashable was kind enough to run our infographic on their site today, but we are proud to share it as well, particularly since you can see the supersized version only here.

As you see below, the graphic answers questions like:

  • What are the most male dominated social networks? The most female?
  • Which are the richest social networks?
  • Which social networks are the best educated?
  • Which social networks are still on the rise in terms of consumer interest?

Take a look at this infographic. What surprises you in the data?

Ignite Social Media