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Twitter Adds GIFs and SnappyTV | #SYSK

The Great Unbundling of Mobile Apps — Is it working?

SwarmRecently, there’s been lots of news about Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and others adopting a multi-mobile app strategy whereby they split large desktop apps into smaller specialized mobile apps. Brands are taking notice and are starting to experiment with ways to engage with users on these new micro-apps. P&G and Pepsi, for example, are working with Foursquare to integrate place-based ads in Foursquare’s new Swarm app that focuses more on discovery of nearby venues as opposed to check-ins, which Foursquare appears to be abandoning.

Social Becoming a Major Channel for Sports Consumption

This month has to be a sports fan’s equivalent to Christmas — the NBA championship, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, the French Open, the X Games, Belmont Stakes, Wimbledon, the College World Series, and the men’s and women’s US Open. Did I forget anything? Lots of sports and lots of sports chatter on social media. In correlation with these recent events, news reports are showing that social media has replaced the newspaper as the second most popular way to consume sports and sports news behind television — and that number is growing every year. Adobe’s Adobe Digital Index predicts that the World Cup, alone, will generate more social media mentions and activity than any other sporting event ever.

Twitter Steps Up With Video

SnappyAlmost every major social channel has integrated videos into their content, except Twitter… until now. The company announced on Wednesday that GIF capabilities can now appear in your twitter feed. Before this, the only video content able to stream was through Vine. And as if GIFs weren’t enough, the next day Twitter announced its absorption of SnappyTV, which allows you to clip and share like video content as it happens. This partnership appears to have a promising future as Twitter keeps trying to establish itself as “a true social TV service.”

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