YouTube and Facebook Take Different Approaches to Paying Creator Community- Social You Should Know


Facebook may end large contracts for live video creation while YouTube adds a new way for the creator community to make money from their fans. Google+ surprises most and announces a few new updates, all in this week’s edition of Social You Should Know.

Facebook May Not Renew Live Video Contracts with Media Partners & Celebs

Last year, in an unprecedented move by Facebook to push its live video publishing functionality, Facebook paid publishers and celebrities to create Facebook Live content. According to Recode, it seems as though the paid media sponsorships are unlikely to continue into this year. The move could signify that Facebook is moving away from their live video platform, however, they did just spend an arm and a leg on a global marketing initiative aimed at consumers. So it seems more likely that they are shifting Live Video efforts towards that of the general user and away from media companies who are much more equipped for high-quality video content. Only time (and algorithms) shall tell….

YouTube Supports Creators with Super Chat

Facebook’s creator initiative wasn’t anything new to the social media landscape. YouTube has always placed an emphasis on their creator community, including a paid creator network, profit-sharing their ad units and other mechanisms to get creators paid for their work on the network. This week they’re also launching Super Chat- another way for creators to make a profit from their videos. With Super Chat, viewers can choose to pay for a comment on a live broadcast in exchange for that comment appearing at the top of the stream for up to 5 hours. The comment appears in a color, is pinned to the top of the stream, and has a specific allowed length of text that are all determined by the amount given to the broadcaster. As Influencers and live video streaming become more important and mainstream, it’s possible other networks may get creative about how to share the cost of that type of production.

Wait… Google+ Announced Updates?

In a somewhat strange turn of events, Google+ announced three new updates this week.  The updates include hiding “low-quality” comments, zooming into photos and the reintroduction of Events. While Google’s attempt at a social network to rival Facebook launched in 2011 and will probably continue to be the punchline among social media marketers, apparently there’s still a team just as dedicated to ensuring usability within the platform.

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