World’s Best Social Media Agencies, Instagram Moves to Web, Twitter Pics Get Interactive

Anyone else have a hectic week! If you did, you might have missed some highlights from the social media world, so here’s my weekly recap.

Ten Best Social Media Agencies in the World

I don’t write much about us as an agency, but I am proud of the fact that we’ve been named one of the Top Ten Social Media Agencies in the World by a group out of Ireland. We’re in some good company, so our team is proud. But we never forget that we’re nothing without you letting us work with you and do innovative, successful work. Thank you so much.

Instagram Moves from Mobile Only by Adding Web Profiles

Before this week, there was no way to view all the pictures a particular user took on Instagram, the hugely popular photo sharing app purchased by Facebook for $1b. That’s changed now with the addition of profile pages. Here’s mine if you want an example. As you can see the “cover photo” is a dynamic montage of the pictures you’ve taken. This is true of brand pages, too. Here’s Nike’s. Every Instagram user has a profile. Predictably, not everyone is happy, but brands continue to host Instagram photo promotions, like this one about Alfred Hitchcock, as the network is quite popular.

Twitter Photos Can Now Have Hidden Movies and More

Remember when Twitter was simple? And text only? We’re long past that and starting this week, you can make a photo on Twitter interactive by adding embedded movies (YouTube), sound clips (Soundcloud), social links (FB, Twitter, etc.), a map (Google Maps) or a slideshow (Slideshare). Very cool. The service that provides it, ThingLink, is free.

There you go. Enjoy the weekend!

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