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Twitter to Get Algorithmic

Facebook takes heat constantly for the way they choose to display content to a select number of users. Twitter, on the other hand, has always streamed by unfiltered, with every tweet from every one of your followers showing up in your news feed. That may be changing. First of all, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo responded to a tweet from an Australian user, clarifying that users will only see favorites from other users if they refresh their stream twice and there’s no new content. Twitter assumes you want to see more content, so goes to favorites to get it. Not everyone is happy. If, however, this is part of Twitter’s move to filter the news stream, as some believe, this could have profound negative implications on social media marketers.

New Study Shows Social Spending Rising, ROI Evasive

A new study from my alma mater suggests that social media marketing spending will rise from 9% of marketing budgets to 13% next year and 21% in five years. We’ve heard this before, though. At the same time, only 15% of marketers said they could measure the impact of social media on their business. That could be why spending on marketing analytics tools is also projected to rise quickly.

Brands Probably Shouldn’t Run Campaigns About Nude Photo Hacks

While the FBI looks into the nude celebrity photo hack, even potential child pornography issues, one brand decided that it was time for some real-time marketing. Low cost Spirit Airlines tweeted: “Our #BareFare was hacked! Sale was Leaked. #Fares from $33.10 One Way Includes Taxes & Fees!” The Internet was not amused, responding quickly and angrily to the brand. Remember this: Most news stories will not be an opportunity for a brand to do something clever. Very few will. This was not one of them, for Spirit, or anyone else.

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