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Twitter Wants YOU to Vote; Instagram Launches New Handle | Social You Should Know


Twitter provides a new way to capture opinions, Instagram praises businesses and new insights on Facebook ads, all in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Twitter Wants YOU to Vote

Just when you thought you had enough of the debates and public opinion polls, Twitter steps in and gives the world another way capture public opinions… on anything. Last week, Twitter announced the upcoming launch of their new feature, Twitter Polls. This update will allow users (on iOS, Android, and on desktop) to create a two-choice poll that remains live for 24 hours. While votes remain anonymous, push notifications are sent to participants informing them of the final results. Look for the update within the next few days.

Instagram Launches Business Account

With the world-wide roll out of Instagram ads, the network has taken on a new initiative aimed at businesses and brands. The new @instagramforbusiness account was launched last week as a source of inspiration for the business community, and plans to feature three innovative groups a week moving forward. One can only assume this is a ploy to get more companies actively using the network as eMarketer recently noted that 32 percent of companies with 100 employees or more will use Instagram for marketing this year, predicting this number to increase to 71 percent by 2017.

New Data on Facebook Ads Released

Socialbakers released a report last week in which they discovered only 3% of Facebook’s News Feed contains ads. While this study does not take into account mobile or right-hand rail ads, 24-29% of the typical News Feed is content from Pages: Brands, Celebrities, Organizations, etc. The fewer Pages a user likes, the higher share of sponsored Page posts they will see. Content from media/publisher pages are receiving 3x the number of interactions compared to brand pages, a major jump since 2013.

In case you missed it, last week Ignite’s own Victoria Rogers gave us a glimpse into the Top 5 Behaviors on Twitter. Now that we’re able to see these behavioral trends, marketers can use the data to better target.

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