Twitter, Walmart Find New Uses for Social Data | #SYSK

Twitter Launching “Everyday Moments” Data Visualization Tool

While initially available only to UK marketers, Twitter will eventually allow anyone to use their new “Everyday Moments” tool. The tool maps the country and lets marketers dig in to see the prevalence of certain words (such as happy, sad, pub) by time of day during a given week. The theory is that marketers will be able to better target their tweets based on what people are thinking about. The real value, as MediaPost points out, maybe that “real-time” becomes predictable rather quickly, allowing brands to schedule “real-time” posts well in advance. Seems logical to me.

Walmart Has a New System to Buy Media – And Will Buy It for Their Suppliers Too?

Walmart wants to apply even more data than ever before to media buying. Think of the potential value of optimizing ads based on real-time sales data and real-time social media data. Again, seems logical. What’s interesting is that Walmart has apparently told 200 of their suppliers (such as P&G and Samsung, according to Walmart’s CMO) that they want to do the media buying for them using this system as well. It’s not clear how the financial relationship would work between Walmart and suppliers, but it’s another sign of how important data is becoming to media optimization.

French Court Fines German Blogger Because Review Ranked Too High in Google

According to SearchEngineLand, a French court fined a blogger around $3,000 and ordered changes to a restaurant review, not because the review was false or misleading, but because the review ranked too high in Google and was costing the restaurant business. The bloggers high level of influence was cited as a problem in the decision. While the First Amendment would prohibit such a ruling in the US, I can easily picture a rise of suits here against bloggers for damages based on slander or defamation. Watch for that. Careless, incendiary bloggers may think anything goes, but no laws were appealed when the Internet was created.

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