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Twitter Creates a New Tool for Brands and Snapchat is Changing up Their Game | Social You Should Know


Twitter has created a new dashboard for brands, Facebook changes their algorithm again, amongst other things, and Snapchat is changing up their game in a big way. That and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Twitter’s New Dashboard for Brands

All Twitter users now have access to a the free ‘Twitter Dashboard‘. From here, you can create customized feeds based on keywords and phrases, schedule tweets, receive content suggestions, and gather analytics. Think of it as a social media management tool created by and exclusively for Twitter. Check it out and give it a whirl.

Twitter is also beta testing a ‘Most Responsive’ badge and a ‘Featured tab’ on select brand pages, for mobile and web. It’s unclear if it will become available to all users or if they’ll have any control over it, but it should help set expectations for when users can expect a response. Additionally, Twitter is testing a ‘Featured Tweets’ tab that displays tweets curated by the account owner. This tab will also help brands highlight certain types of content.


Facebook Changes the Algorithm… Amongst Other Things

Last week, Facebook launched a fundraising tool, which allows anyone to create a fundraiser within the platform. This feature certainly has potential for nonprofit organizations, local organizations and campaigns. I’m particularly interested to see how quickly (or, if) it captures share from the wildly popular

Earlier this year, business Pages were given access to a multilingual composer, which allows a post, written in one language, to be automatically translated into the chosen language of each user. This feature has now been made available to all users, in all 45 languages that Facebook supports. For brands and influencers with a global audience, this is pretty exciting.

Lastly, there’s another major algorithm change to the Newsfeed– and this time, publishers should brace for a hit. Posts from users’ friends and family will now take priority over posts from brands and publishers in the Newsfeed. I don’t think it’s surprising to see Facebook make this modification during an election year, given the ultimate goal is to increase time spent on the platform through engaging (not potentially polarizing) content. As for the impact to brands and influencers, we’ll be monitoring this closely. If your brand currently shares a lot of long-form content on Facebook, this will be a good time to test tweaks to your content mix.

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Snapchat Just May Be America’s New Favorite Pastime

American smartphone users spend 23 minutes a day on messaging apps – more than users in any other region around the world – and, 18 of those minutes are spent on Snapchat, according to this new study. Speaking of which, Snapchat seems to be inching further away from disappearing messages, which is what once set it apart. Memories is a new product announced this week that allows users store photos and videos on Snapchat’s servers for later viewing. This means you can keep a list of all your snaps and revisit or re-share them from inside the app at a later date.

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