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Twitter Makes Headlines; YouTube and Facebook Gear Up Improvements | Social You Should Know


This week, Twitter made headlines for launching a new feature for brands advertising on their platform and taking an unexpected advertising play for Moments, while YouTube and Facebook gear up improvements for the future. All this and more, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Twitter Turns to Traditional Advertising

Sports games have traditionally been a place where we see some of the best advertising. The 2015 World Series has been no different… unless you account for the unexpected debut of Twitter’s second ever TV ad. After reporting disappointing third quarter-earnings, Twitter took to TV this past week in what we can only imagine is an extreme effort to attract new users. The audience had mixed reviews as they took to the platform itself to vocalize their opinions. On a positive note for advertisers on Twitter, the social network announced the launch of Brand Hub via Twitter Analytics. The new feature, only available to select brands for the time being, gives advertisers a more complete view about the SOV they are having against competitors, key audiences engaging and conversation trends.

YouTube Launches Paid Service

Last week Google released Red, YouTube’s ad-free viewing subscription for $9.99. Red allows users to save videos and playlists to watch offline and offers Background play for continued listening even after closing the app. In addition, YouTube released information of plans to launch their own Music App, Original Series and Movies. Any partnered creator who doesn’t sign the deal for YouTube Red will have their videos on the ad-free version of YouTube set to private.

Facebook Improves Search… Again

With over 1.5B searches per day and over 2T posts indexed, Facebook announced major search improvements for the platform, including more personalized search results and the ability to search public posts and public conversations. Even though results are limited to within the past 30 days, these results are personalized for each user and create a unique experience. Users, as always, have the ability to alter their privacy settings should they choose to keep their history private from others.

On a final note, I was invited to join our local Raleigh news station WNCN last week to discuss the GOP Debate. Here’s a quick clip of our take on the nights heated discussion.

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