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Twitter Releases Buy Button to Select Brands

This week Twitter announced a Buy button integration for brands by leveraging its partnership with Stripe. This partnership opens up the opportunity for consumers to purchase a product from a tweet, without having to leave the Twitter experience. If you’d like to see the consumer experience of this button, check out our blog post here.

Twitter Teams up with Square to Enable Political Donations

Through another partnership with Square (the parent company of the popular mobile payment application, Cash), Twitter is allowing users to donate to a political campaign from within a tweet. Similar in functionality to the Buy Button, users are prompted to share a $Cashtag after donating, adding a social aspect to contribution. This campaign could open doors for nonprofits or causes with a goal of raising donations via social media marketing. It’s also a smart partnership, given the social nature and consumer comfort with Square.

Snapchat Adds Lenses

On Tuesday, Snapchat distracted most of us at the office when it made a couple of announcements that we had to check out. The latest feature: Lenses. Lenses allow users to add filters and animated emoji’s to photos and videos, satisfying an unknown desire deep in the heart of many Snapchat enthusiasts to become a kid again. Although seeing the marketing implications of these lenses may be difficult to see at first, a few of our staffers had the brilliant idea to leverage this new feature on the day of the announcement to generate lighthearted images as responses to specific fan/follower comments on other social networks. The reaction of these fans and followers to seeing a visual response (instead of just another comment) was priceless.

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