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This week we see more announcements further confirming the intense competition of social networks to gain video views from users. Snapchat releases staggering video stats to put the pressure on Facebook, Periscope videos can now autoplay in Twitter, and rumors from CES indicate that Twitter is developing an ad product – all in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Snapchat Users View More Than 7 Billion Videos Per Day

A Fortune article released staggering video statistics for Snapchat – including that over 7 Billion videos are viewed each day in the application, and that video traffic more than tripled between June and November of last year. Facebook last reported that its users watched 8 Billion videos per day at the end of its third-quarter, so this news is clearly intended to encourage brands to take video creation and syndication on Snapchat seriously. All of this said, it begs the question: how many of these were branded video views?

Periscope Videos Now Autoplay in Twitter

In other video view news, Twitter announces this week that Periscope videos will now autoplay within the newsfeed through the Twitter mobile application (iOS only, for now). Videos are still only available for 24 hours, but this move could potentially drive an increase in video views.

Twitter Rumors Emerge From CES

Coming out of CES last week is a new rumor that Twitter is building an ad product to allow brands to more easily collect positive user tweets related to their brand, with the ability to then promote these user tweets in a Twitter ad unit. According to sources at CES, this may also open up a new content-rights system within Twitter that make it easier for brands to obtain approval to leverage the content in this manner.
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