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The Not-So-Social CEO and Social Story Behind “Making a Murderer” | Social You Should Know


Great research has been released on social media usage by Fortune 500 CEOs and finding millennials with different political affiliations. Also, we uncover how “Making a Murderer” took off so quickly in the land of social. All in this week’s Social You Should Know.

CEOs Shy Away from Social Media

A recent article in CIO using data provided by Domo, showed that a mere 39% of Fortune 500 CEOs currently use social media. If active, they tend to focus on one platform, as none of the CEOs surveyed were active on all six of the main players in the space. With 161 profiles, it’s not too surprising that LinkedIn, with its business focus, was one of the more prominent channels while Google+ struggled to even get to 20. About 50 Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter but only 31 of them are actually active on the handle (Domo defined “active” as having tweeted in the past 30 days). And although 41% of these CEO are featured in their company’s YouTube videos, only 2 operate personal YouTube accounts. I don’t see this as an issue but rather an opportunity for the taking.

The Hunt for Millennial Voters

With the Presidential elections coming into full swing, eMarketer just released research on the best social sites to reach millennials with different political affiliations (i.e., Independent, Republican, Democrat). At about 81%, Facebook ranked the highest with respect to usage and as a place to reach millennials of all political affiliations. Instagram ranked #2 with respect to sheer usage and skewed slightly Democratic as did Twitter. Snapchat came in fourth behind Twitter with respect to consumption and was pretty evenly split amongst political affiliations. Ranking fifth was Pinterest with an average usage of 34% and the only one measured that leaned Republican. Maybe Donald Trump should consider some more pinning over tweeting.


Did you take it upon yourself to binge watch the Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer” yet? If not, maybe you’ve heard of how it blew up on social media channels over the recent holidays, including celebrities hopping on the binge watching bandwagon. We’ve partnered with Brandwatch to explore how this phenomenon took off and what the conversations are about, including which person had the most negative chatter. Have a guess? Find out the answer in our post.

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