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Social Media Finally Losing Luster?

Remember when many thought reality TV was a fad? Luckily for the Kardashians, the Duggars, or The Bachelor, this wasn’t the case. Some thought the same of social media. It was just a “teen” thing or a craze that would get old quick. Well, the data shows otherwise. An article last week from Mediapost cites that last year you could find 29% of the world’s population using social media. This year that number is projected to increase to 31% and by 2019, 36%─closing in on 3 billion people. Social isn’t pushing up daisies anytime soon. Social media powerhouses changed the rules of the game, innovated, reinvented and therefore turned a once thought of fad into a sustainable daily habit.


Twitter to Step-up its Search Game

Ever tried to do a search on Twitter and find it’s a bit overwhelming, maybe seemingly unorganized? Don’t sweat it. It seems Twitter is working on its search interface, including tabs that organize, yes organize, the data with categories such as top, live, accounts, photos and videos. Webpronews was the first to report on the topic this week and was able to grab a quick snapshot of the layout. Check it out here. What isn’t known is when the new interface is going to become available to more users. If this takes off, discovery of brand content can take on a new meaning on the platform.


Twitter For Sale?

Rumors continue to circulate that Google is interested in buying Twitter. The chatter earlier last week around Google and other potential suitors’ interest in the social platform caused Twitter’s stock price to increase 4% early in the week. Interested? It’s only a mere $40 billion, maybe more.

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